FARC-EP shoots down military plane

The following article below was originally published by Fight Back! News, the news organ of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Colombian rebels shoot down military plane

Military plane shot down by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP)

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following press statement from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

FARC-EP Column shoots down Super Tucano aircraft of the Colombian Air Force

By the Jacobo Arenas Column of the FARC-EP

2012-07-13.abpnoticias – Column Jacobo Arenas of the FARC – EP – units of the FARC-EP Jacobo Arenas Column under the operational framework of Alfonso Cano: prepared to fight, and starting on July 3, besieged the Army and the Security Forces, as the cowards showed themselves in the urban area of the municipality of Jambaló, Cauca.

In the actions against the enemies of our people, we carried out 32 separate battles in just 10 days. The last battle, took place the day before at 15:30 hours near Paletón Lane in Jambaló, resulting in a Super Tucano aircraft being shot down by our anti-aircraft fire, killing two crewmembers. It was not due to technical or human failure as some cynically disseminated information claimed, but due to our strength. We also recovered materials of war from the aircraft, including a fifty caliber machine gun.

The FARC are convinced, and we hoarsely repeat, the problems under which Colombia suffers at this stage in the development of our society, in its highest expression of contradiction, can be overcome peacefully, and in a civilized way, through dialogue. We can begin to overcome the conflict, but not with the attitudes held by the establishment. Not if, as was repeated by President Juan Manuel Santos yesterday in his Security Council in Toribio, Cauca, the solution to the problems of this region of the country is “lead, lead and more lead”. Meanwhile the vast majority cry out that they want peace with social justice.

We also inform you that today we will deliver the human remains of the first crewmember Oscar Raúl Castillo Moncaleano to humanitarian agencies, and we ask for the presence of the International Red Cross in the area this happened.

“Signed Jacobo Arenas Column of the FARC-EP in the Cauca mountains”.


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